1 month till summer ends.

1 more freaking month till summer ends! It passed by so quickly. I can’t believe it, in 1 month I’ll i be a freshman in high school. Its pretty scary but cool at the same time. Now to do whatever I want before I go back to the working hard at school. So today I was playing LoL and skyping my friends at the same time. We were trio queuing. We were playing normal because one of my friends wasn’t level 30 yet. Anyways, the 1st match was absolutely horrible because we got this Singed who was top laning and fed so fucking hard. And this Fizz who was so bad he could not burst down an ADC! The second match was really bad too. We were doing awesome till mid game when my friends got 800+ ping. I was really pissed because they kept AFKing at summoner’s platform. And I told them not to, they just said they would feed on purpose. I don’t get why people would do that. I was playing Twisted Fate in the second match and was actually doing decent against a Katarina. I guess Subway Surfers is my friends’ new addiction.


Hey, I’m new.

Well this is a new blog made by the one and only Shadow. Yes, I am Shadow, but my real name is Shaun. You can read about myself in my About Me page (Stuff I like and other websites I’m on). Anyways, I am pretty much going to be blogging about myself and what I do. Don’t worry, I’m a really fun and nice person. Ask me anything by leaving a comment or emailing me. My email is in the About Me page. This is all for now since it is like 2:17 am where I live right now and I’m so tired.